Open Letter from Brent’s Place

Brent's Place


Dear MDT Technical,

Thank you for adopting Nery and family for the holidays.

Because of you the Brent’s Place parents did not have to worry about how they were going to provide a holiday in the middle of a medical crisis.

Because of you families were able to focus on each other instead of fear and worries.

Because of you children who are going through daily treatment and arduous side effects experienced pure joy and happiness for a special moment in time.

Brent's Place

Your efforts to collect gifts and sponsor the holiday for a family you do not know have not gone unnoticed.  This time of year is filled with family obligations, holiday parties, and non-stop activities so it truly means the world to us that you have taken the time to think of the Brent’s Place families and put forth so much work to ensure that they will have a holiday of joy.

In the words of a Brent’s Place mom “Between chemotherapy and the endless doctors’ appointments I didn’t know how I was going to do the holidays this year, but y children so deserved them.  I was so overwhelmed with good feelings when I was told that the holidays had been taken care of for my family”

We could never say thank you enough, so we hope that the included pictures show you what joy you brought.  Please feel free to share these images with anyone that helped create it.  If you want images to share on social media please as for an image and we will be happy to provide that.

Also included in this envelope is a personal thank you note from a Brent’s Place family.

We could never have provided the stuffed bag of gifts, the numerous gift cards, the delicious holiday meal and the overflowing stockings if it had not been for your contribution.  You made a difference, and just like Santa, you made it silently and without nearly enough fanfare.

Thank you.



All your friends at Brent’s Place


Brent's Place Holidays


A Personal Thank You Note 

“You all are so amazing to our family. We feel so lucky to be a part of the Brent’s Place Community. We are pinching ourselves as though this were a dream… the holidays felt like everything we dreamed of.  To got through this is tough, but you truly helped ease the burden.  Christmas was absolutely magical for our kids.  We are grateful for all your hard work.”

Thank you,

Sam’s family. (Jami, Nate, Sam and Elliott)