How to Stay Inspired During You Work Day


person brainstorming for inspiration

Post a photo or inspirational quote in your workplace that reminds you of your goals or vision.

It’s easy to get caught up in your personal life outside of work and your mind can get clouded. You may have a goal you want to achieve in your current position or a vision for your career.  The effectiveness of having a reminder in place that you can see every day will give you a boost you may need to keep flowing through the work day.

Challenge yourself to go above and beyond with the tasks you’re assigned and learn more.

Not every task may be your cup of tea, but challenging yourself to grasp more about the tools you use can be beneficial for your professional development.  Even though learning some tasks in depth might feel tedious, it will conclusively aid you in the long run.

Clear your work space.

We all know how your environment can affect your attitude in all areas of life, including work.  If you are already unmotivated to work, there’s a chance that your workspace is already messy or can be a little more organized. You may be surprised how clearing your table can clear your mind, at least for that period of time. A cleared table will make you want to do a little more.  Issues with motivation need solutions, this contributes to a slightly improved environment.

Consume, Connect and Create

Creator of the Live Your Legend community, Scott Dinsmore, adduces daily practice of “consuming, connecting and creating.” Motivation is heightened when you consume as much information about your industry as applicable; researching websites, reading blogs, following influential people on Twitter, and setting alerts related to your work. Use networking events to connect to people and groups.  Not only will it keep your network fresh, but hearing of others’ latest projects will keep you motivated to seek your own career goals.  After all, create a journal, scrap book or any other creative endeavor that allows you to deliberate your work and recharge.

Keep track of your accomplishments and professional growth.

Keeping your head down and grinding out at work makes it easy to lose track of time.  It’s easy for small accomplishments to get lost in the shuffle.  We tend to think only extensive accomplishments should be celebrated: promotions, a bonus, completion of a long project.  Make note of and celebrate the small victories. Daily or weekly, write down the things that may bring you down at work, what makes you feel passionate about your work, and patterns you may have formed.  Use these notes to look back on in moments you feel unmotivated or low to pick yourself back up.